Billing Policies

We wanted to clarify our billing practices for our clients.  First, we want to point out that all we have to sell is our time; we have no products to sell to you.  We have spent many years becoming knowledgeable, educated and experienced in tax, audit and accounting related matters.  In addition, we are required to continue our education annually to maintain our licenses.  When you contact us, it is because you need our knowledge and assistance with something.  This is when our time becomes billable.
All of our work is billed by the hour based on the individual doing the work.  Rates range from $75 - $425 per hour.
Listed below is a partial list of items which will be billed by time spent or by task:
Phone calls
Emails (it still takes time to research and respond to these)
Business consulting
Tax returns and tax questions
Financial Statements
Audit Questions
In addition we have the following flat rate charges.  These must be paid before services will be provided:
Additional copies of your tax returns           $40 (You are provided a copy upon completion)
Copies of W-2’s & other client data             $25 (You are given originals back with tax return)
Tax extensions for new clients                     $40
Tax returns are billed when completed and payment of our fees is due at this time.  Returns will not be electronically filed until the signed E-file forms and payment are received.  If these are not received by the due date, we will not file your returns.  Failure to file could result in additional interest and penalties for late filing.  In addition, tax returns on extension may require pre-payment upon filing the extension.  Any clients with past Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board issues or past due tax returns will be required to pay a retainer prior to work commencing.  Our fees are not negotiable.  We are happy to discuss your bill and answer any questions you may have.  Any invoices that are more than 31 days old must be paid in full before any further work will be performed.
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck